Lunch in Brugge

lunch in Brugge

a feel good bistro! @ de twijfelaar the hesitater4 09 2014

yellow green art-deco stairs
yellow green art-deco stairs

Temperatures have dropped below acceptable levels for summertime, the BBqs are all stored away in the garden shed… How do you repel this wannabe autumn while strolling down the streets of Bruges? Don’t hesitate: just walk right up into this charming bistro, discover the fresh interior and the colorful artwork. But most of all, bring your friends, family, or kidz. De twijfelaar (=The hesitater), where even the most depressed can find a reason to smile again.

warm atmosphere

  • The place: You could just walk right past it, the small façade is that of a typical classic house in Bruges. So watch out for it. Once inside, you’ll be stunned by the fresh and lively colors. While you walk in you just can’t miss the yellow green art-deco stairs and the naïve sculptures spread around the bistro. Sucked in by this warm atmosphere in sharp contrast with the gray Belgian clouds, we actually storm inside.
  • The service: friendliness is key here. The lady of the house (new owners) scrambles to make you feel at home, as if she’s responsible for the dreary weather in Bruges ! All your questions get an ample answer along with a genuine amiable smile. Don’t be afraid to ask for a dish without this or that ingredient. She won’t mind and she’ll try to accommodate you as best she can with a nice story on the side!
  • The menu: not very large but more than enough choice: fish, meat, vegetarian, … There’s a monthly menu (€35), based on seasonal products, and a fresh lunch daily.
  • Our dish: I could not resist the hamburger USA style with 100 percent White blue meat, salad and off course Belgian fries (€19,5). Yes you read correctly I wrote “Belgian” fries. We the Belgians are the sole inventors of the fries. It’s part of our national heritage. So do us a huge favor and when you order fries in Belgium. Ask for the Belgian fries ! We’ll really love you for it ;-) !
  • But back to my Burger. Waw ! Perfect! My meat tower, cooked to my liking, is finished off with a fried egg. There’s a big bowl of salad and and an even bigger bowl of Belgian fries together with some homemade mayonnaise included with my dish. My jaws still hurt.
  • My friend goes for the vegetarian wok with greens and seasonable vegetables in soja marinated bio-seitan. Fresh is the key here. Ingredients are original and delicious. Even if the dishes are quite basic they are served fresh and with lots of originality. The wok for instance is served rolled up in a tasty wrap. Surprising and nicely filling !
In short :
  • This bistro likes to keep things simple, loves good stuff with just that little bit more. Worth a try ! Price and quality are in perfect balance! I for one am keeping this place a well kept secret.
the vegetarian wok
the vegetarian wok

Sfeerbistro De Twijfelaar | Maandmenu: €35
Eekhoutstraat 24
8000 Brugge
the hamburger USA style
the hamburger USA style

the “Belgian” fries
the “Belgian” fries

painting for sale
painting for sale

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