Lunch in Brugge

lunch in Brugge

breakfast in the sun @ sweet home lunch shl30 08 2016


I cannot say it enough, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But you’re probably not reading this to get a lecture. So back to the point of this story: There’s nothing like a good sweet classic Belgian breakfast. Hungry in the morning? Read on ….

healthy-ish & generous

  • Granted, this establishment is not situated in the heart of Bruges (on the Gistelsesteenweg). But we don’t all stay there, do we? And some of us like to visit the outskirts of a town to get in touch with the real inhabitants. Well @SHL this is exactly what you’ll do. Frequented by the locals, SHL serves a typical Belgian Breakfast.
  • So what’s a typical Belgian Breakfast? I can hear you screaming with frustration. Start of with a freshly squeezed orange juice; and I mean a real portion, not some cute little decorative glass.
  • With that you’ll be served a basket of different kinds of bread, baguette and the indispensable croissant or “boterkoek” which is like a brioche but topped with chocolate , raisins or even sugar coated. An absolute specialty you cannot afford to miss out on! With that you get a plate of Gouda cheese and delicious ham. And all this is finished of with 2 flavors of jam and speculoos pasta. Coffee or tea.
  • At SHL they offer 4 different Breakfast formula’s (between €7,5 and €25 per person). The products are fresh and the portions are generous. Presentation is classy. The terrace where I was lucky enough to enjoy my Hampton bay (€12,5 breakfast) was cozy and enjoyable.
  • The waitress was quite rude when we walked in. Which is a huge drawback. Actually the whole staff urgently needs a little course in kindness and making you feel welcome. It seemed we landed here on some sort of coupon day….since our waitress barked something about a coupon at us as we innocently walked up the terrace. Then she handed us one menu, to share it seems. The second menu was , I admit a whole table further and thus far out of her reach. Quite sad behavior for such a nice place.

    In short

  • Let’s try and get passed the poor service and not entirely write SHL off for their poor choice in waitresses… I might even try their lunch in the future on a none coupon day and let you know how that went !
  • The moral of the story : if you’re the kind of persons who wakes up with a huge appetite , go treat yourself to a Hampton Bay’s it’s well worth the trip, just don’t expect a sweet conversation ;-)
Hampton bay
Hampton bay

Sweet Home Lunch
Gistelsesteenweg 482
8200 sint andries

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