Lunch in Brugge

lunch in Brugge

frenchy @ le pain quotidien2 01 2015

very relaxing ambience
very relaxing ambience

While strolling through Bruges winding streets on an early winter morning, the school kids aren’t up yet, it’s quiet and the light is breathtaking. Lingering in the Philip Stockstraat (close to the market place) a beautiful basket of croissants catches our eye. It has our name written all over it. The colorful fruitcakes next to it blow all resolutions to the wind and before we know it we’re plopping down at a table in Le Pain Quotidien. Resistance is futile…


  • The lazily disposed baguettes on the counter pass out a typical French atmosphere. The warm earth colors, the patinated ochre walls, the huge wooden table which invites you to chat with your neighbor, the light wooden Furniture, the soft classical background music and the congenial blackboard with the handwritten suggestions generate a warm fuzzy feeling. Simply relax.
  • In Bruges Pain Quotidien, you’re welcomed with a big smile. The place isn’t full and we’re encouraged to choose our table. Our waitress is keen and friendly. The menu offers among others 2 breakfast choices both served till 12am. The continental breakfast or the Manhattan which is more consistent.
  • But as we all know, breakfast is a very personal thing. Some of us like their fruit, others prefer cereal, yoghurt… Me? I want my soft-boiled egg. We decide to design our perfect breakfast “à la carte”.
  • While we try to master the many possibilities of the menu looking for the ultimate breakfast combination, our coffee is served in a typical French bowl along with a piece of delicious Belgian chocolate.
  • Needless to say the amazing display of bread had already caught our eye when we walked in so it seemed obvious to go for «le panier du boulanger (The bakers basket”» which serves an ample choice of different kinds of bread (wheat, rye, nuts, half of a 5 grains baguette, half of a nuts bread, ¼ handmade baguette). The quality of this organic assortment is gigantic!
  • Along with the basket we ordered a fresh grapefruit juice and an orange juice for my companion. An organic yoghurt with fresh fruit, my unmissable soft-boiled egg, a plate of Italian ham and Parisian ham.
  • Every bite was a delight. Breakfast is served on a beautiful faience tray. Combining Style and taste.
  • Spread around the various table are trays of jam (strawberry, figs) , honey and choco (=Belgium’s famous chocolate spread) which you are welcome to pick and choose from. As our very energetic neighbor is vigorously trying out, looking for her favorite jam.
  • We end up ordering a second bowl of coffee, in an attempt to postpone the start of our work day, just a little bit longer.
  • We paid about 20 Euros per person, which is in accordance with the big hotels in the neighborhood, but the quality of the products is exceptionally high. The very relaxing ambience of this coffee shops makes it the perfect place to either start a crazy work day our a frenzy visit of Bruges. Either way you won’t regret your breakfast.
In short:
  • Le Pain Quotidien is the perfect place to have breakfast or brunch in style. The ambiance is soothing, the products are of high quality and everything is well thought through. Perfect place for a breather, the colorful fruitcakes in the shop window look delicious, let me know if they taste as good as they look, for I have not had the pleasure…yet!
continental breakfast
continental breakfast

Le Pain Quotidien | breakfast or brunch +-€20
Philip Stockstrrat 21
8000 brugge
coffee with belgian chocolate
coffee with belgian chocolate

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