Lunch in Brugge

lunch in Brugge

georges crush on @guillaume11 12 2016

a warm atmosphere
a warm atmosphere

I was told by many Bruges’ natives to visit Guillaume2000. It is with great curiosity and even greater expectations that I finally popped around the restaurant. Located in a discreet little street close to ‘t Zand, Korte Lane. Did Guillaume add up to my expectations? Read on… 

A crush on Guillaume

  • As I said the restaurant facade is very discreet. We walked in to Guillaume’s on a very dreary November day to be overwhelmed by the warm atmosphere, so exactly what we needed.
  • The wooden beams, the warm orange colors of the bar, the open fire and the magnificent flowers create an ambiance which makes you forget your working day.  Definitely a shout out to the interior designer.Top it of with a welcoming waiter and the mood is set to happy.
  • From the outset we are introduced to the carte du jour which articulates different kinds of menus.  Like the Crazy Creations, Funky Food,..
  • Due to lack of time we kept it simple and went with the lunch at €30 for 3 appetizers, a starter, main dish and dessert. The lunch varies according to the daily market.  Just hit their phone after 11am to find out what’s for lunch.
  • I love fish, Friday or not and today our lunch is mostly fish based. We start of with a deliciously garnished turbot. It is fresh, it looks good and it tastes like heaven.  Main course pushes us a little further into fish land a spoils us with a cod steak on a bed of cabbage with a red wine sauce. Our fish is cooked to perfection with creative touches, never overdoing it. Fresh and crispy where you’d expect it. Absolute heaven.
  • Dessert, deserves its own paragraph, because it not only looks divine, it simply is. A chocolate bomb associated with fresh ice-cream and crumbles of everything good. A master piece of good taste. Honestly still finger-licking when I reminisce.
  • The chef revisits the French cuisine by adding a touch of originality and lightness.
  • The service deserves a mention for it is kind an impeccable. 
In short:
  • Guillaume2000 is worthy of his reputation, we’ve definitely developed a crush for this restaurant.  Price and quality ratio are more than reasonable for such an amazing lunch.  
the main course
the main course

Guillaume2000 | Lunch from €30
Korte Lane, 2
8000 brugge
the second dessert: the coffee
the second dessert: the coffee

3 mise en bouche
3 mise en bouche

the starter: a delicious garnished turbot
the starter: a delicious garnished turbot

the gourmet dessert
the gourmet dessert

a little house
a little house

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veronique said:
12 dec 2016 @ 19:24

went there fore the fist time an certainly not the last time. 100 agree with you georges!

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