Lunch in Brugge

lunch in Brugge

healthy @ brasserie forestière2 02 2015

a symphony of fresh steaming vegetables
a symphony of fresh steaming vegetables

It’s that time of the year, sales, bargains, 2 for the price of one, big signs promising amazing deals and yes I admit even I have a hard time resisting. So while our wallets are slowly running on empty it’s time to compensate with a great lunch deal. And this week’s winner is: « Brasserie forestière » a cosy bistro, smack in the centre of Bruges.

Uncomplicated, Healthy and Cosy

  • Uncomplicated: This little bistro has a simple decor without being cheap. It’s warm and cosy, ideal for a rainy winters day. The interior has a kind of modern classic look. Natural wooden tables, nice ambiance lighting and dark gray monocolored designer wallpaper with big old fashioned prints spread on the walls here and there provides just enough ambiance
  • Healthy because the menu features basic healthy choices: wok, quiche and pasta. All this at very reasonable prices. If you’ve dined in Bruges you’ll know what I mean! The lunch/menu is a mere €12 !!! (soup + main course + coffee)
  • Contrary to popular belief, I do sometimes stray from the lunch formula. And yes today is such a day where I go completely nuts and pick my dish “à la carte”! We’re tempted by the chicken wok. What a great choice this turned out to be. It’s served with a symphony of fresh steaming vegetables and a delicious bowl of smoking rice topped of with fresh coriander! The winter has taken its toll and we are in desperate need for colours and taste. Needless to say we’re enjoying this lunch beyond words. (€14). We topped it all off with a delicious glass of red wine.
In short:
  • Discovering this bistro was pure pleasure. I can recommend this cuisine to all; it’s fresh, healthy, uncomplicated and absolutely delicious for a very reasonable price. To use without moderation! Grab a bike or go on foot because parking spaces are rare in this part of town.
yes, this is called a terrace
yes, this is called a terrace

Brasserie Forestière | menu €12
Academiestraat 11
8000 Brugge
the chicken wok
the chicken wok

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