Lunch in Brugge

lunch in Brugge

hungry and lost in bruges! @ top 5 places for lunch24 08 2014

terrace with a view: den heerd
terrace with a view: den heerd

So here you are in this medieval city, overwhelmed by all the restaurants and clueless as to where to go for some good grub? Don’t panic G is here. As a native “bruggeling” (=born and raised here for at least 3 generations) I love to eat. I love my city, and yes we consider Bruges big enough to be called a city. And thus I want you, dear visitor, to love my ancient city as much as I do. And as we all know, the way to our hearts is through the stomach.
So here we go, my top 5 places for a great lunch. Keeping 2 main factors in mind: budget and food type (=fine cuisine, quick snack etc). Because the calendar says it’s summer, even if temperatures disagree, let start with:

top 5 >> lunch in Bruges

  • N°1 Den Heerd. (great terrace, great lunch 19€)
    Why should you come here? This restaurant has the most beautiful terrace in Bruges combined with an amazing lunch for a mere 19 euro’s. Service is quick and friendly. Food is great. It’s a hidden treasure in the heart of Bruges.
    Den Heerd | Nieuwe Gentweg, 76 | Brugge
  • N°2 Burg9 (fine Belgian cuisine, great lunch deal on Monday!) (€40, 3 courses, 2 glasses of wine & water, coffee)
    This is the new Belgian cuisine, it’s light it’s original it’s delicious. The decor is modern while respecting the past. These people love what they’re doing and the chef is constantly looking to improve. I often come here for business lunches. You can tell the waiter you’re in a hurry and they’ll make sure you’re on your way by 2pm.
    Burg9 | Burg 9 | 8000 Brugge
  • N°3 Sud of Italy (original Italian lunch, authentic owners, lunch 20€)
    Why should you come here? Exquisite original Italian cuisine. Okay you might not be in Bruges to eat Italian, I get that. But this little restaurant is run by a couple 50% Belgian, 50% Italian. The chef is Italian and he loves what he does. The food is amazing. DON’T expect a pizza or typical lasagna or anything like that. This fine Italian cuisine is based on Italian products which they import on a weekly bases from their beloved Purgia. If you are staying in a B&B, or holiday house, you’ll love their take away catering service!
    Sud - Food of Italy | Mallebergplaats 5 | 8000 Brugge
  • N°4 Bruut (another fine Belgian cuisine, great lunch €49/€59 )
    Bruut‘s cuisine has the same passion for food as does Burg9. I love both these places equally. The main difference is the atmosphere. You need to not be in a hurry @bruut. But if you’re a fine diner and it’s rainy or cold, then this is the place to go to!
  • N°5 balls and glory (original healthy meatballs, lunch €12)
    Looking for a quick but still healthy lunch? Go to balls and glory. The bio meatballs are served with a homemade “stoemp ” (mashed potatoes mixed with season vegetables) or a seasonal salad. You can enjoy your lunch at the long table in the back or order to go. They even have some amazingly delicious brownies.
    Balls & Glory Brugge | Langestraat 93 | 8000 Brugge
your tip?
  • That’s it for know, check back soon, Bruges is constantly evolving and so are my taste buds. Drop me a comment if and when you visit one of these places or any other worthy of our taste ! if you want to share an address, a magic fish, a wonderful piece of meat, this page is up to you. If in addition you can give me de name of the restaurant and a good reason to go there, it would be perfect ;-)
    Cheers G.
unch : Burg9
unch : Burg9

top 5 places for lunch or diner
first coursec:sud of italy
first coursec:sud of italy

lunch :bruut
lunch :bruut

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