Lunch in Brugge

lunch in Brugge

love, eat, share smile @ bistro l.e.s.s25 04 2017

Salmon tapa
Salmon tapa

Having and wanting to celebrate a great friendship, I opened the doors onto LESS a bistronomic restaurant on the Torhoutse Steenweg just outside of Bruges (Sint-Andries).  For as their name says, I was definitely out to Love, eat, share and yes smile. Looking for a great experience as the L.E.S.S. marketing announces.  Was I satisfied, did they measure up to my expectation. Did I walk out with a huge and happy smile? Find out … 


  •    Love: the decor is without pretention, young without bling bling, very cool. The tables are spread out spaciously, which in Bruges is a rare thing. So if you have to hold a private conversation, it’s quite handy.

  •    Eat: Lets get straight to the point. We choose the lunch (4 tapas – our LESS favorite – with main course of the day €40 without drinks or with at €55 including 2 glasses of wine + coffee).
  • The tapas are simple, a little bit too simple in my opinion. I would have expected a little more creativity instead of a simple plate of chorizo or salami … We did however adore the tapa with the smoked salmon. Fresh and elegant. Each ingredient had its own delicious flavor.
  • A big shout out goes out to the main course, which was a duck salad. I am not a big duck fan. So for me to like these crispy little pieces mixed in with all kinds of fresh ingredients is a rare thing. The association of the ingredients was absolutely divine! Well done. A 10/10 for this dish.

  •   Share: L.E.S.S., is for friends, for families, for business lunches but not for loners.  You’re invited to share, taste and enjoy your food in a no nonsense atmosphere. With a direct view of the kitchen, the open and light porch gives the place a lot of charm. That being said, there is a little bit too much nonchalance. The table dressing lacks refinement. The spray painted iron cans are just not neat enough to be cool enough. The garden is a mess. Sitting on the porch we enjoyed "lunch with a view" of dead leaves. Quite disappointing overall in comparison with the refinement of the food.  

  •   Smile: we were greeted with a smile, by a young and dynamic team. Well almost, but then again not everyone can be a natural at simply being friendly.
  • My friend and I had a good time at LESS. But I’m not convinced the price is in accordance with the experience.
  • The food was good, really good but the overall experience left me hanging for more refinement.
In short
  • LESS, the food is up to high standard. The lunch formula is original.  But for it to make it to my list of favorites I expected a little more refinement in light of what I paid.  
Duck salad
Duck salad

Bistro L.E.S.S. | Lunch €40
Torhoutse Steenweg 479
8200 brugge
Taco tapa
Taco tapa

The apero
The apero

Decor without pretention
Decor without pretention

 Chorizo & salami tapas
Chorizo & salami tapas

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