Lunch in Brugge

lunch in Brugge

lunch with a view! @ de windmolen29 09 214

delicious + The view
delicious + The view

Bruges, end of September: 22 degrees in the shadow! And I am on a mission: to find Bruges ultimate terrace. During my expedition I found that not all the bistro’s on the tourist trajectory are to be avoided. Along the windmills in “de Gezellekwartier (named after the famous Flemish poet)” I discovered a great little snackery called “De windmolen” (the windmills”) with a beautiful view of – yes you’ve got it – the old Mills of Bruges…

Unwind with a view.

  • The menu is simple. No need to think, no questions need be asked. It’s a simple sheet of laminated paper dating back to the pre-typography era, in perfect harmony with the décor! The snackery serves the basic typical snacks you’ll find in any Belgian snack bar: Spaghetti, lasagna, croque-monsieur (grilled cheese & ham), salade niçoise (tuna salad), warm goat cheese salad, Greek salad etc. All this for no more than an amazing €10 to €12!
  • We’re not setting out to be original today. Salads it is: Greek and warm goat cheese. Both are well served with traditional ingredient. Fresh and delicious! The feta cheese of the Greek salad is of great quality. The olive oil smells of the French provence and the tomatoes are juicy en tasty.
  • The goat cheese scores quite good as well, fresh and delicious, served on 2 slices of crunchy toast with just enough honey.
  • This simple lunch is turning out to be a lot more than what we had expected. It’s a breeze to enjoy a simple dish with products of excellent quality. The salads are served with a nice breadbasket with brown slices of bread and butter.
  • A fine no-nonsense atmosphere: the reception is cool and without any form of vanity. The service is fast and efficient. You’re in and out in under an hour. The setting is that of an old fashioned café-bar , you might just walk by because we’ve grown accustomed to modern shiny interiors. The tables and chairs are so outdated that they’re fabulous. I’m sure as a tourist you’ll enjoy a little bit of this old fashioned Belgian authenticity.
  • The price: for a main dish, one drink and a coffee you should foresee between €15 and €20.
  • If you have kids you can let them play on the other side of the road in the park. You will have to set some boundaries, as there is some traffic.
In short:
  • De Windmolen is a café/ snackbar /tearoom where you can savor a delicious meal without blowing your budget while enjoying one of Bruges most beautiful view on a sunny terrace! ! Great value for money!
  • Good to know: they serve pancakes in the afternoon!
the feta cheese of the Greek salad
the feta cheese of the Greek salad

De Windmolen
Carmersstraat 135
8000 brugge
the coffee
the coffee

warm goat cheese salad
warm goat cheese salad

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