Lunch in Brugge

lunch in Brugge

smily couscous @ passion for food12 03 2015

Where ? Philipstockstraat 39, hart of Bruges, drowned among a multitude of restaurants. You could just walk right past it, but you shouldn’t.

When? How? With who? Why? and How much?

  • When ? Well I went in the heart of winter. It was cold and gray and the pink/fushia window reminded me of warmer days. So I walked right in to warm myself up to a real couscous.
  • How ? In your jeans and sneaker. Chill axe. Mediterranean hospitality, and snugness are the keywords for this house of food. Take an Algerian couple mix it up with some good taste and lots of genuine Algerian “savoir faire”. While the man of the food house is in charge of the reception, the lady of the house is in charge of nothing less than the cooking. Rest assured you will see her, for she checks the dining room!
  • With who ? Well anybody and everybody. This little restaurant has absolutely no pretention. It’s simple and clean. Bring your boss or your friends or your mum. Whoever’s up for a good Mediterranean dish.
  • Why ? Go for the couscous or the Tajine carefully prepared the Mistress of the house (the one that pop ups from behind her furnace to check on your wellbeing). We went for the vegetarian couscous (€15). The portion is amp fully served, you could say it’s not the most refined dish ever, but then again it fits in perfectly with the bistro atmosphere and you don’t really expect anything else. The plentitude of vegetables are perfectly cooked and deliciously spiced. For the warm reception of the Patron and his extremely kind service, for the little terrace at the back of the restaurant, decorated Mediterranean style, which will charm us in the summer.
  • How much ? The prices here are quite soft (4,5 euros for the soup of the day, 7 or 13 euros for a small or big salad, 13-15 euros for one of the many varieties of couscous or Tajines, all this for a cuisine without pretence that stays true to its original recipes.
In short:
  • if you’re looking for a genuine couscous without pretence, served with a big smile and without burning a hole in your wallet, this is the place to be!

Passion for food
Philipstockstraat 39
8000 Brugge

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