Lunch in Brugge

lunch in Brugge

street food with an edge @ food festival kookeet 201613 10 2016

Den Gouden Karpel
Den Gouden Karpel

It’s hard to resist to this brilliant plan whipped up by chef Geert Van Hecke (Restaurant Karmeliet***) which unites 30 chefs - known and renowned- from Bruges to satisfy your guilty fantasies at an strangely affordable price ! Read on…

A culinary festival :

  • Even better, let’s call it a culinary Woodstock. Although no one’s getting topless you are going to feel a lot of high emotions. KookEet which simply means “Cook Eat” is like a giant popup with all of Bruges top chef presenting a small but creative dish which defines their cuisine (from €4 to €8). What’s the big deal ? That’s just it, no biggy just a great opportunity for your taste buds.
  • The festival has been around for 6 years now and has become an unmissable. Well organized and in full accord with Belgium’s tricky weather, the huge tents and high tables, the bars and the efficient and kind service guarantee a good ambiance.
  • An intractable dilemma:
    - 31 stands, a swarm of plates and tantalizing pictures it’s an intractable dilemma. Impossible to visit every stand, even if you can handle the food, there’s just not enough time. How do you proceed to get the most out of your visit. Well after 6 years of KookEet I think I ‘ve finally figured it out. Don’t go for the big names. Check the ingredients, you know what you like, and then take a leap of faith.
    - Out of all my delicious savourings the oscar goes out to Patisserie Academie. I succumbed to the charm and composition of this incredible dessert. I am an expert and this lemon pie, meringue , lemonverbena –sorbet is the symbol of KookEet as far as I’m concerned. A grand chefs piece of art combining quality products, savour, freshness, refinement and delicacy. Sublime!
  • KooEet is victim to its own success (remember it’s first edition on the small market place). Today it’s a festival and it attracts crowds, elbow work and assertiveness are in order if you want to be able to put down your plate to have a bite. The noise is equal to the huge amount of guests. So get some friends together and go make your own noise!

KookEet 2016 | From €4 to €8 / dish
Takes place in the fall, last weekend of September
8000 Bruges
Chocolate Line
Chocolate Line

Sans Cravate
Sans Cravate

T Zwaantje
T Zwaantje

A Qi
A Qi

De Jonkman
De Jonkman


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james said:
20 nov 2016 @ 17:51

hello georges,
love your blog, great to see more english comments! loved kookeet, wil be back next year. ys john

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