Lunch in Brugge

lunch in Brugge

the stars make no noise @ den gouden harynck28 09 2016

Elegance and class
Elegance and class

Last week, I had the pleasure to re-discover one of Bruges stars Den Gouden Harynck, moreover it turned out to be a birthday threat. So I’m having a fine lunch with a good friend in an authentic 17th century house that used to be a fish shop by the same name on a hot Indian summers day … peachy. By the way Den Gouden Harynck is old Flemish for the Golden Herring. Read on …

Absolut Elegance no bling bling

  • This venue is refined without being too big for one’s breeches as many restaurants tend to be nowadays. The restaurant reflects Bruges at its best. Class, culture and history are all mixed in a humble shell. A connoisseur will enjoy the magnificent trompe l’oeil hanging on the walls, the elegant travertine stones that pave the floors and the tasteful color schemes.
  • Den Gouden Harynck doesn’t require a flashy marketing concept to draw people in.
  • If you live in Bruges, you’ve been here to celebrate some kind of event. If you don’t, then find a reason and enjoy an authentic moment as only Burges can offer. Yes it’s pricy, but this restaurant has a well deserved Michelin star.
  • Welcomed as a king in his castle I was immediately helped to my table. Efficient and kind service.
  • We started of with the house aperitifs and since it was my birthday champagne was in order.
  • With that we received some Hors d’Oeuvres which were enjoyed beyond words.
  • We singled out the lunch menu which consists of a starter, a main dish and a dessert for a very reasonable €45. The menu is fish based, which means you don’t feel like exploding after you’ve let yourself enjoy it. We started of with a sea bream carpaccio. The raw fish was delicious, seasoned perfectly and simply melted in our mouths. This was then followed by a John Dory, St Pierre or Peter’s Fish with an amazing smoked celery puree. The vegetables were crispy tasty, the whole dish was just superb. Perfectly cooked.
  • Our dessert was a little more simple but just as delicious none the less.
  • We enjoyed an assortment of red fruits on a bed of panacotta.
  • Finally a star goes to the presentation. Our dishes are like pieces of art. We were already driveling before even savoring them.
  • We decided to trust our waiter and take his advise as far as wine choice is concerned, a good bet, it was masterly matched to our dishes.
We adored
  • What else can I say ? A part form congratulating the chef and his partner. I re-discovered a purebred cuisine in a refined cadre. Happy like a room without a roof.
the dessert
the dessert

Den Gouden Harynck | lunch menu €45
Groeninge 25
8000 Bruges
a sea bream carpaccio
a sea bream carpaccio

Saint Pierre with an amazing smoked celery puree
Saint Pierre with an amazing smoked celery puree

the amuse bouche
the amuse bouche

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delphine said:
20 nov 2016 @ 17:53

hi g, went to hg after reading this, and can only agree with you about everything. my husband and i loved it! thanks for the great advice !
best wishes delphine.

thomas jennifer said:
12 dec 2016 @ 19:34

what a fabulous place ! we went there 2 weeks ago and i admit i now get your titel geroge - this golden harynck is so classy, so nice, so ancien régime, if you like authenticity, you must come here george discribed it perfectly! t j

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